Why David?

David O'Connor is a multi award winning UK magician from Aldershot in Hampshire. David is a member of the world famous Magic Circle in London,  Vice President of FAME a regional magic club and a trustee of a national magic charity. He has won awards for stage, close up & comedy,  a ten metre swimming, a dog and needs to go on a diet, that's David not the Dog. David can entertain anywhere in the country but tends to work in the Surrey Hampshire areas.

David loves magic and enjoys not only performing it but also doing talks on the history of magic and teaching magical skills to new and old magicians alike "magicians may work on their own" states david "but in reality we are one big diverse family keeping a secret art alive and working with each other to improve everything we do. That's why I love magic. I may fool people with my magic but they soon spot a magician if they are not passionate about their art"

David also writes comedy, creates tricks and teaches and encourages the magic community. He enjoys bringing people together with his magic. David says "Magic can be felt by everybody. It communicates with all ages from 3 to 103, all faiths, all creeds, all colours, small, tall, and even crosses language barriers. My favourite magic video at the moment is the You-Tube trick of the baby orangutang falling about with laughter at a paper cup. Now that's universal communication".  Take a look and if you want yourself and your guests to feel the same excitement, enjoyment and wonder then go to the contact page, David is waiting to give that gift right now.

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