So why do I work exclusively for Red Hat Magic when it comes to weddings and wedding receptions? Well for many this is the most important day of their lives so far. The magicians who work for Danny at Red Hat Magic are all Magic circle, all experienced and all different. Also, ask yourself this question...


Have you ever been to a wedding that ran on time?


No, neither have we ;-) This is why we charge differently for weddings. We dont charge by the hour or between set hours, because that may change on the day. We don't want you worrying that things are overrunning, "but my magician turns up at 4.00 and he will be gone before we get there!" You should be enjoying yourselves, not time managing and event co-ordinating.


Red Hat Magic

Speak to Danny at Red Hat Magic and browse their website for more information on how and why we deal with your most special and unique day in the most special and unique way.

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