Children's Magic and Youth Work

" The adults enjoyed it as much as the kids. My boys (and I include my husband in that) are still trying to work out how you did THAT TRICK. "

Youth Groups and Clubs

Church groups, scouts, guides and other Youth groups are easily accomadated by David with lectures, magic workshops or fantastic comedy shows. David loves to share his passion for magic so just ring for a chat to see how one of your evenings or events can turn into something very special.

Magic Shows for Shorter People

David can do magic shows for all ages and for all age ranges. From a small group to many hundreds.  From 10 minute to 45 minutes. David will perform magic that will keep the children and parents  amazed and entertained in equal measure. In fact David is an acomplished children's magician and loves performing so much that you may need to remind him to stop! Need a childrens entertainer that can engage anybody regardless of class, language, age or ability? Then magic is proven to be one of the best genres there is. David is always willing to chat about any event with organisers sharing freely over ten years of his professional experience as a childrens entertainer to make your event magical. So pick up the phone for a no obligation chat or contact David now via the contact / book now page.

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